Important Information: Custom Shops

What is a custom shop?

Custom shops are personalized online listings created for YOU & your needs. When we create a custom shop for you, you get so much more than an online store for you to purchase items. We will build your custom listings, process & print all orders, sort all orders, and ship every order if needed. In return, we also are able to give you a portion of the proceeds from every sale if you so choose. Your custom shop will be filled with items you pick that feature your design or logo. 


Things to think about if you want to open a custom shop:

  • What garments do you want in your shop? Sweatshirts? Soft t-shirts?
  • What color of garments?
  • What design & color of design do you want on the items? If you need design help, we are more than happy to assist you with that. We do have a $30 design fee for the creation of any designs.
  • Do you want to make the custom shop into a fundraising opportunity? We can place an upcharge on every item, which will go directly back to you. If you aren't interested in it being a fundraiser, we can do it without the upcharge as well. 
  • What dates do you want the custom shop to open & close? All orders will be printed after the closing date. Our recommendation is keeping the shop open for a week to a week & a half. 


If you have any questions about the custom shops we offer don't hesitate to reach out. Want to open a custom shop? Get in touch & we would love to start the process!