Important Information: Screen Printing

 Things To Note

  • We do have a minimum of 20 items for screen printing, but we can still do smaller orders! Garment, bag, and can cooler orders under a quantity of 20 will be printed using vinyl or DTF transfers. Both types still create a great print that will last for many washes!
  • Color Change Fee: $15 - This applies when the customer changes print colors between garments/items on a print job. For example, a customer orders 50 t-shirts & they want a grey print on 25 of them and a yellow print on the other 25 - a color change fee would apply. 
  • Dark Garment Pricing: All dark garments require a second color/coat. They will be priced up a color do to this. For example, a customer wants 30 black t-shirts with a white print. These shirts will be priced for a two color print because they are black shirts with a white print.
  • Design Fee: $30 - This applies when we create artwork for the customer.
  • Print Ready Artwork Fee: $15 - This applies when we are given non-print ready artwork. We will vectorize the artwork & make it print ready. 


Customer Provided Garments, Bags, & Can Coolers - We will print customer provided items as long as they follow these rules:

  • The garments are NEW & NEVER WORN. 
  • They are print quality & free from lint, pills, fuzz, pet hair, etc.
  • All tags, bags, and stickers must be removed. 
  • MISPRINTED garments will not be replaced. 


What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of transferring a stenciled design through a mesh screen with ink & a squeegee. Each custom design is burnt into a mesh screen, then ink is pushed through the design on the mesh screen onto the print surface. Due to the screen printing process, each color in a multi-colored design does need its own separate stenciled mesh screen. Each color is applied one-by-one which is why multi-color projects are higher in price. After printing is done, each print is cured fully to create a long lasting print!